Malek of Trian

A feline Trianii Jedi knight in the New Republic era


Military service

Distinguished service special operations battle tab (Coruscant, 7 ABY)

Rank: Sergeant (7 ABY)

Rank: Lieutenant (7 ABY)


The Trianii known has Malek is tall among his kin, both strong and broad-shouldered with a slender, athletic frame. The Trianii’s feline heritage is evident in him; a strong jaw, powerful snout, needle-sharp claws and a prehensile tail with a dark grey fur-covered body. Gifted with his species’ excellent balance, eyesight and keen hearing, Malek’s acrobatic prowess is undeniable. Hardened by his upbringing on the serpent-infested forest world of Trian in the outermost sector of the Tingel Arm, Malek’s sinewy muscles and powerful legs are but further evidence of his impressive strength. Whether he uses the growls, purrs and rolling vocalizations of the Trianii language or not, Malek draws immediate attention to himself when he speaks with his deep, booming voice.

Malek’s history began in – 14 ABY in a hunters’ village on the coast of the Great Sea on Trian, his people’s homeworld. Like his father before him, Malek’s calling was to become a hunter, protecting the Trianii settlements from the ever-present threats of the harsh planet’s forests and aggressive settlers with javelin and knife.
The Force, however, seemed to have other plans for him. At an early age, Malek began to be inhabited by visions, flashes of insights whose origins escaped him. These visions guided his actions and granted him glimpses of the near future, allowing him to stop merely reacting to his surroundings and instead to predict the consequences of his actions. Malek quickly became an accomplished hunter, his dark grey fur allowing him to blend in the shadows of the forests he roamed.
As his kills grew more numerous, so did Malek’s reputation. The Trianii Rangers, a military organization dedicated to the protection of Trian, took notice and eventually recruited him within their ranks. The Rangers’ signature weapon, the fire sword, an archaic sword whose blade was coated with flammable oil that ignited upon contact, changed the nature of Malek’s visions. He began to receive increasingly clearer flashes of what appeared to be the construction process of the elaborate hilt of a bladeless sword, a weapon he would learn to know as intimately as he knew himself, a lightsaber.
Trusting the visions that had long guided him, Malek began to train ceaselessly with his fire sword while constructing his own lightsaber. Unbeknownst to Malek, his initially clumsy fighting style refined itself into what had been known to the Jedi for millennia as the fifth form of Lightsaber combat, Shien, characterized by power attacks and defense immediately followed by counter-strikes.
Alongside his combat abilities, Malek’s grasp of the Force, an all-encompassing energy that binds and weaves through all things, began to grow. As it manifests differently in all Force-sensitive beings, Malek’s proficiency with its physical applications increased first.
Since the Force had not gifted him with farseeing abilities thus far, Malek was unable to learn more about the Jedi Order other then what his Trianii elders had told him in hushed tones; a monastic order whose knights were armed with lightsabers and wielded the Force, the Jedi had been eradicated by the Emperor and his now vanquished Empire. To Malek, it became increasingly clear that his future lay elsewhere, where the Jedi’s remaining legacy was strongest; Coruscant. As the Trianii value independence above everything else, the Rangers understood Malek’s quest and had a patrol ship detailed to escort him to Coruscant.
In 4 ABY, Malek’s arrival on Coruscant brought him to a world not so different from Trian. Having just been liberated by what was then known as the Galactic Alliance of Free Planets, death still permeated every pore of the planet, its streets as dangerous as the forests of his homeworld. Malek’s instincts saved him more than once as he searched for the Order’s remains, from banned libraries to monster-infested basements on the polluted planet’s surface.

While Malek’s meditation and visions prepared his mind for peace, his Trianii Ranger’s training honed his body for war. Even though he is already a fine swordsman, Malek is always careful to weigh the impact of his words and actions and to draw his blade only when needed. Understanding that one never ceases to learn, Malek is humble in victory and introspective in defeat. Quietly confident in his abilities, Malek has a calm and soft-spoken demeanor, never losing his trademark smile even as explosions rock around him. Throughout all his endeavors, Malek relies on the Force in all things; he espouses the philosophy that a Jedi as nothing to fear in combat as long as he allows it to guide him.

Malek of Trian

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